jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009


Watch this video and listen what Peter Senge said about the innovative finnish learning model of Team Academy. If you cannot see the video, you can read the transcription in this pdf document.
I met them in Finland last september and it's rapidly growing in France (Team Factory), Basque Country (Team Academy Euskadi and Mondragon Team Academy).

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Ville Monkey dijo...

Hello Pablo,

thanks a lot for your good blog. Loads of good links and inspiring stories is what I find here. I wanted to comment somewhere and I think to this post I can add that there's also a Team Academy in Netherlands (Haarlem) www.teamacademie.nl These are up and running. More initiatives to start a full-time program are in Strasbourg, Surrey Univ London, Sao Paulo, Madrid at least.

Loads of greetings from Jyväskylä. I am very excited about this emerging co-operation between TAs and SLTS Masters program. I think we have a lot of potential in there.


Pablo Villoch dijo...

Thank you Ville for your comment!
It's great to know that the Team Academy Network is growing so quickly!