martes, 9 de febrero de 2010


Last Friday we had a really interesting lecturer. Prof Mark Oranje, Head of Department of Town & Regional Planning of University of Pretoria, South Africa. Here you can read some of his projects. I had many aha! moments during his presentation. His reflections about grants' effects as perverse incentives in the rural-urban-rural nomadic cycle and the negative impact of shopping malls on local livelihoods and local economic networks made me think about the challenges faced by societies in our emerging economies.

Last Monday, we received the visit of Ezanne Swanepoel, CEO of the Global Business School of Entepreneurship. She has an amazing profile that combines Genetic Engineering, Psychology and Business Management from an intercultural perspective. She is able to talk about quantuum phyisics, theories of chaos and evolutionary biology and tell zulu stories during one day workshop. Really inspiring insights! Thank you, Nomwla, Queen of the Rain!

Hostings the Host for the Art of Hosting

This week my family will host Rowan, Zulma and Naira in our appartment in Karlskrona. Rowan will come to K-town as part of the Host Team for the Art of Hosting Workshop, an initiative co-organized by KaosPilots, Team Academy and the MSLS: The Sustainable-Kaos-Academy!!

viernes, 5 de febrero de 2010


He sido invitado a participar en los nuevos programas de Team Academy Euskadi, como experto en Sostenibilidad Estratégica, para facilitar unos talleres con sus equipos emprendedores y acompañarles durante su proceso de emprendimiento. Aquí se puede leer el catálogo online en detalle.

jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010


I feel very excited about our thesis project on Social Entrepreneurship. During the next four months I will be posting my reflections around the Thesis research project in our wiki, (Y)our Learning Journey.