martes, 4 de diciembre de 2007


I studied Intercultural Communication in the Monterrey Institute of Technology, México, and a Postgraduate Diplomma in Intercultural Studies and Local Development in UPLA, Chile.

I have worked on a freelance basis with Berlitz Cultural Consulting, Global Dynamics, Prudential Intercultural, IORworld, DFA, Dwellworks, Communicaid, Intercultures, WorldWideConnect, Labs Relocation Services and Crown Relocations, helping expatriates and their families from Venezuela, Colombia, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, USA, Netherlands and Brasil to face their challenges in cultural adjustment through cross cultural coaching and intercultural training. Some of our customers are: Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Monsanto, Merck (MSD)Johnson & Johnson, Hatch, Connell Wagner, Becton Dickinson, Finning, Teck, SKM Brasil, De Lage Landen, JK Tech, BHPBillitonSKMChile, Zurich, Principal Financial, BNP-Paribas, Rabobank, Novartis, Kimberly-Clark, Barry-Callebaut, Dassault Systems.

Additionally, I have facilitated multicultural teambilding outdoor programs for LAN (Miami), NOKIA (Southern Cone), Wella, CAT Finning.

I have conducted seminars and workshops on Culture Shock Cycle, and how to manage it, for AIESEC members in México, Chile and Spain.

I have facilitated ecumenic inter-religious meetings in France, Chile and Bolivia. I have volunteered with indigenous communities in Oaxaca (México) and with gypsy children in Málaga, (Andalucía, Southern Spain).
I have hosted participatory intercultural dialogue processes with indigenous communities in Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and México.

I am able to communicate in English, Spanish and Basque.

I am member of the SIETAR network. Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research.

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