viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009


My friend Jose Mari Luzarraga visited us in Karlskrona. After two weeks in Team Academy in Jyväskylä, Finland, he came with his wife and baby to spend four days connecting with the MSLS Community. He gave us a lecture on The Mondragon Cooperative Experience and Social Enterprise. He joined us in our Thesis topic exploration open space. It could be interesting...

Fostering Sustainability into the largest cooperative in the world. A clusters approach.

sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009


Imagine us aware and active.
How can equations change the world?
Imagínanos conscientes y activos.
¿Cómo pueden las ecuaciones cambiar el mundo?

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009


Last night I discovered Gabrielle Roth's Five Rythms: Flowing, Stacatto, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness. That experience can't be described with words. Only with body, movement and emotions.

This morning, I participated in a session facilitated by Tobias Larsson, from Luleå University of Technology. We worked in groups using several innovation and creativity techniques & tools. I found out what my next Christmas present will be.

I was surprised. There are so many creativity cards in the market.
Here I will paste some of the design & consulting companies:

miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Sustainabilty in the Americas

Today's stories from home were exciting, breath-taking, inspiring and heart-touching
Thank you, Amanda, Juan Carlos, Sophia & Giuliana...
The Eagle and the Condor are flying together again.

martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009


Second day, Second week, Period 2 of this Masters program in Strategic Leadearship towards Sustainability.

Last week was a transition week to take breath, some fresh air after the exams week... and now we are back again into the sustis wave. However, it was not an idle week. We lived the stressful and maybe painful for some of us- process of group formation for our Strategic Management projects. My insight was that if we want to create a learningful and safe environment for everybody in our community we should be willing to give and receive honest feedback, as well as open to work with people with different styles.

I am discovering the power of webinars. Last week we were inspired by Bob Willard and his valuable tips to approach the business world using their language, finding out their business case for sustainability. We met Göran Carstedt again on Monday. Yesterday we held a webinar with Pong Leung, principal advisor of TNS Canada. Today we met Richard Blume, from TNS international, who explained us about how to co-create a vision, ( core ideology / values) , strategic goals, BHAGoals...

My ESS topic (Engeneering for a Sustainable Society) will be Street lights. We will present our final project poster at the Malmö World Trade Center, the Greenest WTC in the world. Check this amazing video to understand how it was designed and built up.

My STM (Strategic Management) project will be focused on helping Mondragon Team Academy to foster Sustainability in their Business School at Mondragon University.

I am also starting to think about potential thesis topics:

  • Best practices from mining companies in community relations
  • An intercultural approach to environmental conflicts in mountain areas
  • Ecotourism as an empowerment strategy for local communities in mountain areas
  • Applying the FSSD to Wilderness areas strategic management
  • From Social Entrepreneurship to Sustainable business model based networks
  • Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Fostering sustainability into clusters: a multi-stakeholder approach
  • + ideas??