viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009


Karlskrona, Baltic Sea. Seventy young leaders from more than twenty countries sit on the wooden floor of an old round wooden building. Academic context: A Masters Program on Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. One common purpose: build their own personal vision as Sustainability leaders. One exceptional facilitator: Regina Rowland. (Visual facilitation)
One inspiring methodology, based on the cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien's studies about common meanings of different shapes (spiral, circle, cross, square, triangle) across cultures.
Drawing with a snake, a tree, a flower, a bird, a path, a mountain, a shelter, a butterfly.
Then, guided journalling. Thirteen questions in thirty minutes... may be too much for one morning, but amazingly clarifying. Human needs self-assesment according to Manfred Max-Neef's Human Needs model. Sincere vision sharing with one's partner during lunch time.

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