lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009


Oh, Yes! I feel so lucky today!
My beloved girls arrived into Karlskrona last week. After a week of logistical adjustment, we feel more comfortable now. He bought some furniture for our new flat. I got a second hand bike in the bike coop.

Today afternoon, I was carrying a heavy bookcase from the Red Cross Second Hand Store and two kind guys from Pakistan (Gudjerat) helped me to carry it. They were Mechanical Engineering students. In our way home, we talked about spanish soccer teams and I learnt my first words in Urdu. I offered them some drinks, but as we are in the Ramadán, they couldn't accept it, so I gave them some bananas to eat after sunset. Thank you, my new friends !

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KHIMAIR dijo...

bello día !!!! que tengas muchos más así..