jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009


Weeks are going so quickly! Today, the first snow fell in Karlskrona. The long dark cold winter is coming... although we are just starting the autumn. Amanda turned 1 year last Saturday. During october, she got her first tooth and he bit me! and she walked her first six steps without external support. She goes three times per week to the Oppna Forskola, and three times per week to the Gym. Twice per week, Yohana has her English lessons. We go every friday to the Swimming pool and we eat kebab.

In the Masters, every week I feel both inspired and overwhelmed simultaneously. Inspired by the passion and authenticity of brilliant lectures as Karl-Henrik Robert, Augusto Cuginotti, Mark Everard, Göran Carstedt and Sophie Dunkerley. Tragedy of the commons, backcasting, ecosystem services, the funnel, systematical violation of sustainability principles, framework, thermodynamics, self-organization, transformational... are becoming part of my daily vocabulary. I am looking forward to the Period 2 to start with the Strategic Management module, launch some consulting initiative, more fieldtrips, work together with Team Academy and much much more.

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